Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Written by: David Lyle Morris, Pat Youd

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Blessèd are the poor in spirit
For theirs is the Kingdom of Heav'n
Blessèd are the mourning hearts
Comfort to them will be giv'n
Blessèd are the humble and meek
They will inherit the earth
Blessèd are those who hunger and thirst
For righteousness for they will be filled

Rejoice and be glad
For great your reward in Heaven

Blessèd are the merciful
For mercy to them will be shown
Blessèd are the pure in heart
For they will see their God
Blessèd are the makers of peace
They will be called the sons of God
Blessèd are those who suffer for Christ
And righteousness theirs is the Kingdom of Heav'n

Give glory to God
For He's our reward in Heaven

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