Bring It On

Written by: Jeff Roach, Jan Williamson, Kara Williamson

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I hear people talkin'
Sayin' they feel so sorry for me
Can't believe I've been walkin'
Through so many terrible things
I just don't see the problem
When everything works together for good
For those who love God
Love Him like they should

Na na na na na I'm content
Good days bad days have come and gone
Na na na na there's no resentment no no
So whatever happens bring it on

Lord knows I'm not denyin'
That I've been cryin'
Cause some days I do
But there's this roarin' lion
Who's ever tryin' to rip me in two
Well one day he'll be fryin'
And I'll be flyin'
But until then
He's as good as dead
And you heard me right when I said

If you're looking for
A pity party
You won't find one here
Now listen to me carefully
As I make my worries disappear

Don't come lookin' for a pity party
Cause you won't find one here

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