We Are The Light

Written by: Paul Oakley

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We are His bride we are His people
A crown in the hand of the Lord
His true delight
We are the light a city on a hill
So hold out this word of hope
And let your light shine
We are the light

Raise a banner raise it up high
To ev'ry people under the sky
Prepare the way for them to come in
Build a highway open the gates
Remove the stones that stand in the way
Humble your hearts and turn from ev'ry sin
All you watchmen lift up your cry
Through the day and into the night
The Lord on whom you call will surely come

For Zion's sake I will not rest
I will restore Jerusalem
Until she shines like the morning sun
And then all kings will see her glory
A blazing torch pure and holy
Her new name the praise of all the earth
He won't forsake His precious bride
The Lord as given His word
And He does not lie

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