Hold On To The Promises Of God

Written by: Doug Horley

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Hold on to the promises of God
Hold on to the promises of God
When it's tough and hard in your backyard
You gotta hold on to the promises of God

God said to Abraham hey you'll have an heir
Get offa the floor stop laughing like a bear
Abraham said but I'm way past my prime
Have You lost count Lord cause I'm eighty five
God said well that's no problem to me
Believe what is said cause it's meant to be
You gotta

Now Abraham believed what God said was true
But in case he was wrong he had plan number two
And through his servant he got himself a son
He thought at last the promise had come
But God said this is your plan not mine
I'll do it my way and in my time

God said to Abraham look up in the sky
Count all the stars way way up high
That's the size of family I'll give to you
If you obey what I say in all you do
That's the good news but now here's a surprise
The bad news is you've gotta be circumcised

So Isaac was born and Abram was proud
But a voice from on high came through clear and loud
This boy will be a sacrifice
A'bram said hey that's not very nice
But by now he knew it really paid to obey
He said to Isaac we're going out for the day

Tied hand and foot on his back Isaac lay
As his dad raise the knife
He knew this was not his day
But with seconds to spare God stepped in in time
Isaac said phew well you cut that a bit fine
God said to Abraham you've passed the last test
You really have proved you're the best of the best

Copyright © 1996 Thankyou Music

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