Times Up

Written by: Godfrey Birtill

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Time’s Up! Time’s Up!
Is the message from heaven
Time’s Up! Time’s Up!
And it's loud and it's clear
Time’s Up! Time’s Up!
All across the nations
Time’s Up! Time’s Up!
The kingdom is near!

Whether we believe it or not, God is with us.
We'd better get ready, we'd better wake up
God is great!

Only He can save a ruined nation
He can cause a transformation
He can roll away the dark clouds
Gathering over us.
Only He can bring a great deliverance
He can heal the land’s defilement
He can turn the curse to blessing
Hate to Love! Hate to Love!

Only He can save a sick society
In social, moral, spiritual crisis
He can penetrate the darkness
Bringing a light of hope
Only He can turn the tide of evil
Rescuing the souls of people
He can heal the damaged children
And bring the prodigals home.

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