Give Me Lord A Dream From Heaven

Written by: Dave Bilbrough

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Give me Lord a dream from heaven
Let me see the things You see
Give me purpose and direction
Holy Spirit move on me
I would set my face to serve You
To do the things You'd have me do
Stir within my heart a vision
Lord I will follow You

By Your Spirit and Your word
We would hasten Your return

Give to me a holy passion
With every breath I will proclaim
The message of Your kingdom
The glory of Your name
Lead me into action
Let me do the things You say
Send me to the nations
When You speak I will obey

I believe that faith is rising
I can see a tidal wave
Of Your Spirit that is moving
To end this final age
There'll be shouts of acclamation
When You come back for Your bride
History's consummation
Is here before our eyes

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