Come To Me

Written by: Michael Sandeman

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Come to me you weary
Weak and heavy laden
Come to me and I will give you rest
Come if you are tired
Tired of the struggle
Come to me and Iʼll refresh your soul
Come if you are lonely
Come if you are grieving
Come to me and I will give you hope

For my burden is light
Come into my rest today
Let your worries melt away
My burden is light
My peace is everlasting
Iʼll comfort you and hold you

Come if you are anxious
Scared about tomorrow
Come to me and I will bear your load
Come if you are hurting
Broken and alone
Come to me and I will be your shield
Come if youʼre regretful
Ashamed of your past
Come to me and I will wash you clean

Donʼt you know, havenʼt you heard Iʼm the everlasting God?
I wonʼt tired, I wonʼt faint
And youʼre living in my grace

You can run, you can soar
Rising up on eagles wings
Put your hope in the King
And Heʼll renew your strength

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