Walk On By

Written by: Michael Sandeman, Nathan Fellingham

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I have seen you before in this part of town
Itʼs a rich mans playground but youʼre just a clown
As you sit with your dog and you put out your hat
I suppose youʼre expecting the shirt off my back
Well donʼt beg around here, no donʼt even try
Coz I was brought up to just walk on by

What a state you are in with your rags and your dirt
You could have so much more if youʼd just get some work
If I gave you my money youʼd waste it on drink
But its not going to happen so donʼt even think
That Iʼd stoop to your level or heed your cry
It's better for me to just walk on by

Walk on by, walk on past
But thereʼs conflict inside my heart Where is home, family?
Your eyes tell a story
I see your hurt, see your pain
This feeling stirs my soul again

I notice the lines and the cuts on your face
And I wonder how long youʼve been in this place
But I wonʼt be sucked in to the guilt in my mind
I might help you one day but nowʼs not the time
If you live then you live, if you die then you die
It's not my concern so Iʼll walk on by 

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