Written by: Tom Read, Jamie Thomson, Jess Waterhouse

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Gravity As sung by: Tom Read

Original Key: E

D    F♯m   E    F♯m    D    F♯m    E
Verse 1:
D                             E                       F♯m
  There's a gravity to Your grace that draws me to my knees,
E               D
Draws me to my knees.
      F♯m           E                          F♯m
In my endless wandering, You've always been so close,
       E               D

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There's a gravity to your grace
That draws me to my knees
Draws me to my knees
In my endless wandering
You've always been so close
You've always been so close

Fractured, not forsaken
I was lost, but always loved

My faithful Father
You carry me
You hold me to your heart
In the wilderness
You carry me, you've promised me
You'll never let me go

There's a clarity in your love
That calms my anxious heart
Calms my anxious heart
To be known and loved by you
Will always be enough
Always be enough

Anchored in your mercy
I am found
Forever loved

I will not fear, you will not fail
You will never let me go
I will not fear, you will not fail
You will never let me go

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