New Life

Written by: Noel Robinson, Ian Green

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Original Key: Em

Em     C/E     D     B7
        Em                   C/E
    New life, (good life) in Jesus Christ,
        D                         B7
    new life, (blessed life) the abundant life,
        Em               C/E
    New life, (good life) walking in the Spirit
         D           B7                                        Em
    gives life, life, life. [Repeat 

New life, in Jesus Christ
New life, the abundant life
New life, walking in the spirit
Gives life life life

This is the day that the Lord has made
I will rejoice and now be glad in it
My eyes are open. In you I hope in
Jesus you’ve made everything brand new

No condemnation to those in Christ
The former things they now have passed away
It's the beginning. That's why we're singing
We're living for a brand new day

We are the song that heaven sings
A generation, born to bless the King
His word is spoken. We are chosen
To shine His light, Bring His Kingdom here

Old things have passed away
All things have been made new today
Old things have passed away
In You, I'm new

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