Can a thousand souls? (Dreamers of impossible dreams)

Written by: Robert Critchley

© 2002 Thankyou Music | CCLI: 3700691

CAN A THOUSAND SOULS be won in a day?
Can we win our cities when we fast and pray?
Could our trembling hands bring Your healing grace?
And the words we speak have the power to save?

Our heads are spinning, but our hearts say yes.
You've given us vision, now we face the test.
The words of the prophets are within our grasp,
When we risk it all to follow in Your steps.
Our hearts say yes!
Our hearts say yes!

We have prayed for revival flowing from above,
And our lives have been changed by the Father's love.
As Your people rejoice in the oil and the wine,
Will we see a great harvest gathered in our time?

'Cause we are dreamers of impossible dreams,
Walking by faith in what is yet unseen.
Number us, Lord, with those who dare to believe,
That we can live in Your impossible dream.

All things are possible
Through Christ, who strengthens me.
All things are possible
When God says 'Let it be.'

When God says 'Let it be.'

Robert Critchley

© 2002 Thankyou Music