Mercy Road

Written by: Josh Gauton, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes, Jimmy James, Luke Hellebronth

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What a Savior
At the cross, You showed how much you love me
Miles away I threw myself on mercy
I was dead and buried then you raised me back to life 
Raised me back to life

With a promise
Every day I know that you are with me
Stepping out of darkness into glory
Heaven came to rescue now I’m walking in the light 
Walking in the light

On mercy road
Thank You for saving me
Oh I’ve found hope
On Mercy Road
Goodness will follow me and lead me home

Give it all now
Running through this world but it's not easy
God I look to you because you've called me
Living with a purpose
And I’m never turning back
Never turning back

I know your love will always carry on every side
God you surround me
My strength, my guide
You're everything I need

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