We're On A Mission

Written by: Paul Booth

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We've got a vision in our hearts
We hear You calling
The day is dawning a new start
We are advancing Your love is driving us on

Daring to go now
Lift up His name
Take up the cross
Hold fast the promise
Make way the covenant of love
One holy nation
To us this mission has come

We will serve the Lord our God
We will follow His command
In every town across the land
We'll see Your kingdom come (1st time only)
We'll see His kingdom come

See the horizon
see the rising of His Son
Take His compassion
Let the nation know His love
Jesus has risen
Through Him the blessing will come

Release the blessing pour out the the blessing
Release the blessing let the river rise

Paul Booth

Copyright © 2000 Thankyou Music

Writers: Paul Booth

Themes: Commission & Revival