Something Beautiful

Written by: Dominik Laim, Debora Sita

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Something Beautiful As sung by: ICF Worship

Original Key: C

Tempo: 93.00

Verse 1:
Am             G/B    C
You spoke life into existence,
   F        C         G
Creation designed by Your plan.
Am        G/B           C
Beauty is wearing Your features,
     F          C         G
The traces You left with Your hands.

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You spoke life into existence
Creation designed by Your plan
Beauty is wearing Your features
The traces You left with Your hands

And still in all Your majesty
You say You care for me
So much You came to set me free
And now the longing of my heart is following Your call
To catch a glimpse of something beautiful

The ways of Your love are unfathomed
The wonders You do are unmatched
And though I may not fully grasp it
I reach out for all that You are

Beautiful affection
You have offered up Your life for me
Unrestrained devotion

I will shine Your light making way for something beautiful

Dominik Laim & Debora Sita 

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© 2012 Integrity's Praise! Music & ICF Music