We Will Rise

Key: B Maj
BPM: 70
Arrangement: V1, V2, C, V3, V3, C, V4, C

No longer slaves to sin and darkness
My soul is blameless by the blood of Christ
My hope is tied to the cross of Calvary
My future blessed, secure and free

My greatest foe has been defeated
The grave relinquished its power on me
My confidence is Christ within me
The fear of death has lost its sting

Halelujah, Christ is risen
We will rise to Him

So raise your voice in shouts of victory
Our God is risen to reign supreme
His throne established above creation
It won't be shaken, our God is King

So fall before Him in fear and wonder
His strength is boundless, His heart is kind

By Willy Roberts

© Copyright 2018, Willy Roberts

Based on Bible Verses:
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The story behind the song

In preperation for a new sermon series from Colossians I spent much time reading through the text. I was inspired to write a song that our congregation could sing in relation to the themes of the book.