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From the community formerly known as Abundant Life Church - one of the most vibrant, thriving churches within the UK - comes an equally vibrant, thriving worship team. Now known as LIFE Church, the latest album from LIFE Worship - Dance Again - tells a story that’s soaked in their experience of God’s grace, power and mercy.

With a main campus in Bradford, LIFE also has campuses in Leeds and Belfast, attended each week by thousands of people.

All of the songs written by the team are written with the purpose of helping people connect with God, giving Him praise and honour as well as receiving a greater revelation of who He is and understanding His purpose in their life. Many of the songs written by LIFE Worship are created because of the experiences of those from the LIFE church family and there’s no better example than the album’s title song. Dance Again was written in response to the beautiful story of healing of one woman from the local church. The song itself is as powerful as they come, and within the first three weeks of posting to YouTube, the live video notched up over 12,000 views.

Other standout tracks include Jesus Blood and We Believe (co-written by Travis Ryan, Matt Hooper and Richie Fike) - which has already been covered and released as a single earlier this year by Newsboys.

The LIFE Worship team is made up of Jock James (worship pastor of LIFE Church and part of the team since 1996), Matt Hooper (worship leader and pastor on staff) and Mike Harvie (worship leader).

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