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Christine D'Clario

Christine D'Clario

While it takes a few conversations with some people to uncover their life’s true passion, it takes roughly thirty seconds when talking with worship leader Christine D’Clario. From beginning to end, it’s clear that worship is her lifestyle, and proclaiming God’s goodness, faithfulness and grace is her top priority—pure and simple.
Funny enough, that wasn’t always the case.
Until she experienced her true encounter with redemption in 2003, Christine was admittedly just another Sunday morning Christian.
Living the way she wanted the other six days of the week, Christine certainly looked the part while singing about Jesus and leading altar calls at her home church, but truth be told, she didn’t really know Him.

In fact, she was smack dab in the middle of a very rebellious season.
But when you grow up in a home where church attendance—and service within its four walls— is a must, well, Christine not only knew the lingo but gave a convincing portrayal of what someone following God’s plan looks like.
Blessed with a beautiful voice and plenty of charisma to boot, being on stage was a no-brainer for someone who loved music as much as Christine does. Trouble is, her heart wasn’t really in what— and who—she was singing about in church, and underneath the pristine façade, she was lost and still struggling to make sense of her troubled past.
When Christine was only six-and-a-half, her father passed away after a long struggle with alcoholism, and the self-proclaimed ‘daddy’s girl’ who shared his artistic tendencies, missed him like crazy.

If losing her father wasn’t already difficult enough, Christine and her family also ended up relocating from New York to part of her family’s native Puerto Rico not long after.
There followed the sort of journey that lasted years and ended up with a prodigal’s return.

“It took 18 years for me to let go, forgive and receive restoration,” Christine says. “And what I began to realize, was that I don’t want anything except for living in His presence because we were made to be united with Him.”
And that’s the chief message that Christine wants to convey to listeners. With her first English-language album Deeper (Integrity Music), Christine, who’s already a household name with Latin America audiences, rallies against surface-level Christianity by introducing listeners to the God who saves, redeems, restores and heals.
Drawing from a deep well of influences, everything from organic instrumentation to dance beats to old soul sounds is represented. Perhaps, the best instrument of all, however, is Christine’s expressive voice.
In addition to having a wide vocal range, it’s her raw passion that bleeds out whenever she worships that can’t help but draw listeners in.

“I always want to worship like it’s the very last moment I’m alive,” Christine says. “And I want to inspire everyone in the Church to feel that way, too. There’s nothing more gratifying than being in His presence and worshipping with true abandon.”

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