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Your Glory / Nothing But The Blood | All Sons & Daughters

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Are You “n”?

When Islamic State militants (ISIS) moved into northern Iraq, they began identifying Christian-owned homes and businesses. Families would find the Arabic letter “N” (ﻥ) painted on their buildings. This single letter, the first letter of the word used in the Quran to identify Christians, conveyed the powerful accusation that the occupants were followers of Jesus.


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3 Reasons You Should Stop Designing for Your Church

Think of designing like preaching. They don’t let just anyone get up there and start talking about the things of God. It takes time, diligence and preparation, to name a few. There is a sense of calling and passion - it’s not just a hobby.


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WAW Podcast: Forever Good with Paul Wilbur

Join us this week as we discuss the continual, reliable, eternal goodness of God, with Paul Wilbur (a Messianic worship leader and songwriter of over 38 years.)


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