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both need to fail WAW

You And I Both Need To Fail

Maybe we're never going to create something as wildly popular as we believe God's anointing in us is capable of. Maybe our story won’t ever be known beyond our friends and family, and - here's a wild one - maybe that won't be a sign of failure.Like the dead Irish playwright said, ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’


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Weekly Spotify Setlist: September 26, 2016

Our new "Weekly Spotify Setlist" playlists are built to help you discover new songs to use for your church. We have two playlists: Modern & Blended.


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5MustHaveTools2 BLOG 910x260

5 Must-Have Tools for Children’s Worship Leaders

If you’re involved in children’s worship at your church, here are 5 tools that may help you save time, get training, and be more effective in what God has called you to!


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featured song banner desperation band

Make A Way by Desperation Band

Jon Egan reminds us about Christ's powerful ability to make a way for hope and healing, no matter how impossible the circumstances.


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