SongShare Terms and Conditions

SongShare (US) Terms and Conditions

Updated November 2018

  1. Introduction

Welcome to WeAreWorship’s SongShare platform (“SongShare”). SongShare is a community platform of worship songwriters and songwriters for the Christian church. SongShare is owned and operated by Integrity Music, a division of David C Cook (“we” or “us”), an Illinois not-for-profit corporation with offices in 1646 Westgate Circle Ste 106, Brentwood, TN 37027. To access and use SongShare, you must subscribe to and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the following additional provisions (“Terms”) apply to your use of SongShare. Please review these Terms carefully. You may not use SongShare unless you agree to these Terms, and your use of SongShare and the personal and other data you provide or which is collected as a result of your visit is subject to the provisions set out below. Your visit or submission of information to us through this website, our customer service department, or by other means signifies that you fully accept the Terms set out below.

For any queries on these Terms please email

  1. Definitions

For purposes of these Terms, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below:

2.1 A “song” shall mean a musical work containing both lyrics and music for the purposes of being sung.

2.2 The “Term” is 90 days from when a song is initially uploaded by a user onto the SongShare platform.

2.3 A “message”, the “messaging system” and “messaging” shall mean the SongShare function allowing users to communicate through private user-to-user messaging.

2.4 A “file” shall mean a digital file that a user uploads to SongShare including but not limited to a PDF or Word file, an MP3 audio file or a link to a video.

2.5 A “profile” is the user’s personal and account information provided to access SongShare and contains information identifying you to us. Some information in the profile can become your “public profile” that can be seen by the public.

2.6 A “user” is anyone who uses or accesses SongShare or any part of the site. “You” means the user accessing the site.

  1. Accounts and Purpose of SongShare

3.1 To access functionalities of SongShare (e.g., to upload songs and create a profile), you must (a) set up an account on and (b) create a profile or account on the SongShare site. The information you provide in both instances must be complete and accurate. You may not share your SongShare account or log-in information with anyone else. Your failure to provide complete and accurate profile information or to keep your SongShare account information private shall give us grounds to terminate your account and block your access to SongShare and/or WeAreWorship immediately. We reserve the right to disable portions of SongShare or make unavailable the entire SongShare site at any point for any reason in our sole discretion.

3.2 We shall use SongShare to discover songs for the Christian church and to offer support to writers to help their songs to be heard and used in Christian worship ministry. When you post songs on SongShare, you agree that such songs will be available to the public and to us and that we may reach out to you, through the SongShare site or by other means (email, etc.), to support you and to inquire about the songs you post on SongShare.

3.3 We may allow users to access SongShare and to set up an account, but we reserve the right to refuse access to or disable accounts of anyone who does not write songs for the Christian church.

After creating an account and profile, users may access and share worship songs and information about themselves (at their discretion). Users may upload songs they have written or own or have the right to upload to the site. If you wrote the song with someone else, or if someone else co-owns the song with you, you may not upload the song to SongShare. We take no responsibility for users who violate these terms or uploads songs for which they do not own the rights, but we will take action immediately upon notification of a potential infringement or unauthorized use of a song to disable access to the song on the site.

  1. Personal Information

4.1 By using the site or creating a profile, you may share information about yourself, your church and ministry, and your opinions, and you may use messaging or other communications tools. By posting any information or communications to SongShare that is personally identifiable or otherwise, you are providing your consent for us to share such information with other SongShare users and others who may access the SongShare site, and that we may use it in order to manage, administer, and promote the site as described in the Privacy Policy. You grant us a perpetual nonexclusive right to use all communications and information you post on SongShare for our business and marketing purposes.

4.2 In the future, SongShare may add new features which may incur charges to you. We will notify you of this in advance and you will have the choice to opt in or not to any new features. We will not charge you without your consent for any new features.

Song License Terms

4.3 By uploading files to SongShare, you grant us the exclusive, worldwide, royalty and payment free license(s) to use, upload, copy, display, publicly perform, transmit, broadcast, and adapt such files for SongShare or (including creating snippets or using portions of the files for SongShare advertising or other uses). This license shall last for the Term, plus an additional thirty (30) days (nonexclusive only) for uses in advertising or other uses outside of the user’s profile. Other than the rights granted to us, you shall continue to own all rights, including copyrights, in the files you share on SongShare.

4.4 Users are responsible to keep copies and back up their song files (e.g., lyrics and audio files) on their own computers or disks and not rely on SongShare to retain these files now or in the future. We expressly disclaim any liability for lost or corrupted files (songs or music, or data) uploaded to SongShare, or for viruses or other harm to your files, computers, software or mobile devices while using or sharing files on or from SongShare. We do not warrant that your songs and information will be displayed correctly or maintained by us on SongShare, and you agree that we are not responsible for the loss or corruption of any files or any information you upload.

4.5 You agree that, by uploading songs, they may be reviewed by us or our affiliate publishers and, where you specifically agree we or our affiliates may contact you about your song(s) from time to time.

4.6 If a user wishes to grant rights to a song posted on SongShare to a third party (e.g., a publisher other than Integrity Music), then the rights can only be granted once the Term for such song’s use on SongShare has expired, unless otherwise agreed in advance by us. If you wish to grant rights to a song posted on SongShare during the song’s license Term, please contact and raise a support query.

  1. What You Can Do on SongShare/Messaging

5.1 A user who has created a profile can upload a maximum of three (3) song titles at any one time. We reserve the right to change this limitation at any time. You may upload song files in text, chart/musical notation and audio file formats. One title (even if uploaded in all three formats) constitutes one song.

5.2 You can only change, delete or swap a song after it has been on the site for a minimum of 90 days. The option to delete a song once you have initially saved it to your profile will not show up on your profile until 90 days after it has been live. You can then swap a song for another song or delete songs, but you may not have more than three (3) songs under your profile at any one time. We reserve the right to change this functionality and limitation.

5.3 When you “delete” a song from your profile, the operation is fully destructive and the song will lose all of its “Shares”, “Views” and files and will not be available to you or other users. However, we will retain these song files in our database for a period of at least 12 months from the date of deletion in order to allow us to respond to any legal issues that may arise pertaining to such song files.

5.4 SongShare shall provide streams but not downloads of song audio files. By uploading audio files to SongShare, however, you should be aware that it may be possible for people to download and save copies of any audio files you upload (or that we stream) and we expressly disclaim responsibility or liability for anyone’s circumvention of our streaming technology to make unauthorized copies of your songs. You have the sole right and authority to pursue infringers of your songs. We take no responsibility for third party infringements of your songs or rights.

5.5 You can link to any video relating to your song if this video is on YouTube legally and the links comply with YouTube’s permissions, policies and linking terms.

5.6 Anyone can “Report” a song for being inappropriate, illegal, infringing or otherwise harmful. If a song is reported, we shall immediately remove access to the song and provide notice to the user who uploaded the song, who will have a chance to rebut the claims. We shall have the sole right to determine whether a song can be made available on SongShare. To report a song, please use the “Report” feature on the site or email us.

5.7 You may have the ability to send messages to other users on the site or to post communications on public areas of the site. We may provide you with an option to opt out of messaging. The contents of messages will not be in private emails, but may be “pushed” to a user’s browser if they are online when a message is sent to them to provide instant notification and access to the message. The content of the message is included in this “pushed” data. Messages are pushed via a separate third party server operated on behalf of us and secured via SSL. Although we attempt to transfer all message via HTTPS, the messaging system should not be considered “secure” and no sensitive data (including but not limited to financial or location data) should be sent using the system. We may keep copies of any messages sent on our site in accordance with the Privacy Policy. We accept no liability for any loss, damage, or harm that may result from using the messaging system.

5.8 You may have the option to add location data to your profile. This will allow churches or ministries to search for your services or songs. It’s our way of enabling the community to specify their willingness to serve, e.g. “I am willing to serve up to {once, twice, three times every year} for churches within {1 mile, 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles} from where I live.” You may be contacted by churches through messaging built into the site and you agree to be contacted if you have posted your location data.

  1. What You Cannot Do on SongShare

6.1 You must not upload any song that is co-owned or owned by other people or companies. Unauthorized uploading of files is illegal and may subject you to serious penalties and claims.

6.2 You must not upload any song that is currently subject to a licensing, song publishing or administration agreement with any other entity or person.

6.3 You must not upload any content, lyrics, audio files or YouTube links which are defamatory, inappropriate, or abusive, which do not comply with the intended use of SongShare, or which violate the rights of others.

6.4 We will not tolerate any inappropriate use of the site, Messaging service, or of any communications tool on SongShare, for example but not limited to: bullying, inappropriate language, slander, third party advertising or solicitations, or any form of abuse. We may keep a record of your conversation on SongShare.

6.5 The SongShare team have a zero tolerance. We reserve the right to disable a user’s account or block a user immediately for any reason in our sole discretion. Including but not limited to the violation of any of these Terms. We are not required to provide user with notice of any action we may take on the site to disable or block an account or profile. The decisions of the WeAreWorship SongShare team will be final.

6.6 If we are contacted by the authorities or third parties related to your behavior on the site, we may share your personal information with them without notice to you.

  1. Your Representations and Warranties

7.1 You are wholly responsible for the content you upload. By uploading a song or asset, or any other information or data, you warrant and represent that you have full legal right to do so, and that no one else’s permission is required and no payments are due for such use, and that the use on SongShare does not violate the rights (including copyrights) of any third parties.

7.2 You warrant and represent that you shall provide true and accurate information when you create a profile on SongShare, and that you are free to create this profile and share the information posted.

  1. Community Guidelines

8.1 Binding. The community guidelines in these Terms and those that may be posted on SongShare from time to time are binding on you. We may update these guidelines from time to time, so we urge all users to review them periodically for changes.

8.2 Respect. We want WeAreWorship SongShare to continue to be an authentic and safe place for resourcing the church with worship songs. Please help us to foster this community. Only share songs you have written and which fulfill the purposes of SongShare. Respect everyone on SongShare; don’t spam people or post anything distasteful.

8.3 Theological Differences. You may find songs on SongShare that you don’t fully agree with theologically. Please respect that other people, other streams of churches and other denominations sometimes see the diamond of faith from another viewpoint. Just because someone has a different view to you does not mean you should “Report” the song to us. The “Report” feature should only be used for cases of unauthorized songs/infringement, or songs posted that are not in line with the purposes of SongShare (e.g., songs not intended for Christian church worship singing).

8.4 Privacy and Safety. You must use the messaging and contact features wisely and be aware of the potential of unauthorized uses of the site. Users are encouraged to start all conversations with people on messaging and only get in touch personally when they have corroborated who they are by connecting with the church they attend. SongShare may provide writers/worship leaders with the option to provide personal or contact information to churches, but it does not endorse anyone on the SongShare website. All sensible means of reaching out to people you do not know should be used BEFORE you meet with anyone. Responsibility for this lies completely with the User. NEVER visit anyone you do not know or for whom you cannot receive a trusted verification. As this functionality is entirely voluntary and local to you, we expect you will be able to find “someone who knows someone” within your local community who could help endorse a user you may not know. When in doubt, do not provide personal contact information to anyone on this site.

  1. Claims of Violations

9.1 Any user can report any song or user as being in breach of any of these Terms.

9.2 We reserve the right to remove any song or user from the site, or not allow a user access to the site, pending resolution of any claim or permanently, at our discretion and without notice.