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FAITHFUL was birthed in late 2019, a group of celebrated female authors, artists, and songwriters gathered to build friendships by writing together in community. During that time, songs and stories were born out of a collective response to God’s faithfulness to women; throughout Scripture, and in their own lives.

Featuring Amy Grant, Christa Wells, Christy Nockels, Ellie Holcomb, Ginny Owens, Janice Gaines, Jess Ray, Kelly Minter, Leslie Jordan, Rachael Lampa,
Sandra McCracken, Sarah Kroger, Sarah Macintosh, Savannah Locke, Tamar Chipp, Taylor Leonhardt and Trillia Newbell.

  • A Woman

    FAITHFUL feat. Amy Grant and Ellie Holcomb

  • At This Very Time

    FAITHFUL feat. Savannah Locke, Jess Ray and Sandra McCracken

  • You Came For Me

    FAITHFUL feat. Ellie Holcomb, Sarah Macintosh and Leslie Jordan

  • The Detour

    FAITHFUL feat. Savannah Locke, Sarah Kroger and Tamar Chipp

  • Holy Place

    FAITHFUL feat. Ginny Owens, Taylor Leonhardt and Amy Grant

  • Impossible Things

    FAITHFUL feat. Ginny Owens, Sarah Kroger and Christy Nockels

  • Rahab's Lullaby

    FAITHFUL feat. Sarah MacIntosh, Sandra McCracken & Rachael Lampa

  • We Are One

    FAITHFUL feat. Ginny Owens, Amy Grant, Christa Wells, Kelly Minter, Tamar Chipp, Savannah Locke & Rachael Lampa

  • This Time I Will Bring Praise

    FAITHFUL feat. Leslie Jordan, Christy Nockels and Kelly Minter

  • We Do Not Labor In Vain

    FAITHFUL feat. Christa Wells, Taylor Leonhardt and Janice Gaines

  • Call Upon Him

    FAITHFUL feat. Trillia Newbell, Sandra McCracken and Rachael Lampa

  • Rise Up

    FAITHFUL feat. Christa Wells, Jess Ray, Tamar Chipp, Christy Nockels and Ellie Holcomb