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1000 Years Chords

Tom Smith, Nick Herbert, Phil Wickham, Jimmy James | 5 average from 2 reviews

Original Key: B

Tempo: 138

     B               B/D#             E2
With You, a thousand years are like a day                                                
                       B               B/D#             E2
You’re the everlasting God and I will trust You all the way                  
     B              B/D#            E2                             B
For You, a thousand songs are not enough to thank You for Your love                        
         B/D#            E2
You will always have my praise 

                         B    B/D#   D#m7   E2            
For a thousand years and more
                         B    B/D#   D#m7    E2
For a thousand years and more

         B                                 E2 
You were there before the stars, You'll be there after they fade
        G#m7            F#                E2
Nothing changes who You are, You stay the same
          B                              E2
God, Your love will never fail, and Your promise never breaks
        G#m7           F#             E2
You are always who You are, You never change 

         B                             E2 
You hung upon my cross, and You laid inside my grave
        G#m7              F#              E2
God, You did what I could not, You made a way
        B                                E2
And You have risen back to life, and now ev‘rything has changed
       G#m7            F#               E2
We are dancing in Your freedom and we’re singing loud Your praise

    B/D#               E2         F#               G#m7
And ev‘ry star in the universe is burning for Your fame
B/D#             E2                 F#            G#m7
Let it rise over all the earth, the glory of Your name 
               B/D#            E2          F#          G#m7  
We’re singing, hal      -      le     -    lu     -    jah,                
B/D#            E2          F#          G#m7
hal      -      le     -    lu     -    jah            

                         B    B/D#   Dm7    E2
For a thousand years and more [Repeat x 2]
                         G#m7  F#  E2
For a thousand years and more 
                         B    B/D#   D#m7    E
For a thousand years and more
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    Bible References

    • - Psalms 90:4
    • - Hebrews 13:8
    • - John 17:5
    • - Psalms 91:2
    • - Revelation 19:1

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