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A Thousand Stars Chords

Brenton Brown | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
C        D            C        D
  I have a dream that   I will be someone
C     D        C       D               Em
  You can call on when the darkness falls,
C   D                 C        D    C    D
    That I will be strong for you.
C        D           C     D
  I have a dream that  you will see me
C     D        C        D             Em
  Shining brightly like a thousand stars
C                 C#dim7
  That I will go far for you.

C              D                C
  I may seem small, no hope at all,
           Em                            D
But this heart of mine still dares to dream.
It may look unwise, this hold on life,
                Em                    D/F# 
But I'm still hopeful for so many things.

                             G      D
    ('Cause) I'm standing tall when I am
    Em      C
    On Your shoulders,
           G        D       Em     C
    The stars don't seem so far at all.
                G       D
    With You it seems I could be
    Em      C
    Someone who,
                    G     D     Em      C
    1.  One day, might be there for You too.
                    G     D     Em      C               Esus2
    2.  One day, might be there for You too.  I am a dreamer too.

Verse 2:
I have a dream that I'll be a teacher,
Maybe a husband and a father too;
I dream for two.
And one day, maybe, I will be famous,
You'll see my name where the heroes lie;
I can only try for You.

G   D         Em    C           G   D       Em    C
      I wanna be there, I wanna be there, Lord.