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Abide Chords

Luke + Anna Hellebronth

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 70

{Intro} G Em7 Bm C96 {Verse 1} G Em7 The cross ever before me, the things of earth dissolve Bm C96 Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me G Em7 With ev'ry passing hour, Your presence all I need Bm C69 Oh Lord, oh lord abide in me {Chorus} G Em7 Bm7 Oh, my strongest desire, my passion, my fire C G/B C Holy Spirit alive in me G Em7 Bm7 Oh, this soul that You made sings forever Your praise C G/B C C D Holy Spirit abide in me {Verse 2} G Em7 Even when my faith is weary and darker clouds roll in Bm C96 Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me G Em7 In the face of fears, be closer and my Father's voice be near Bm C69 Oh Lord, oh Lord abide in me [Repeat Chorus] {Interlude} C D Em G {Bridge} C D I will stay surrendered in Your presence Em G Steadfast in Your love. C D With my heart abandoned, one with Heaven Em G Abide in me, oh Lord [Repeat] [Repeat Chorus] {Coda} Bm Em7 Bm7 C G/B C D G5
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Bible References

  • - 1 John 4:13
  • - Jeremiah 24:7
  • - John 8:31
  • - John 15:7
  • - Psalms 37:4

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