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All I Want Chords

Brenton Brown

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Original Key: Ab

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Ab Ab2/C Fm7 Forgiveness comes to me though I do not deserve it. Db2 I barely speak the words and You draw near again. Ab Ab2/C Fm7 It's so hard to believe that I am really worth it, Db2 That You laid down Your life to carry all my sin, Bridge: Eb What kind of love is this? What kind of love is this, Db2 That we are called the children of God? Chorus: Ab Ab2/C ('Cause) All I've got, all I want is in You, it's in You. Fm7 Db Like the air in my lungs, I will breathe You in. Ab Ab2/C All I want, all I need is Your grace and Your truth. Fm7 Db Fill me up, fill me up, let me sing again, (yeah). Ab Ab2/C Fm7 Db Ab [1.&4.] [1. to Verse 2] [to end:] [2.] to Mid section [3.] Repeat Chorus Verse 2: Ab Ab2/C Fm7 Father, without Your flame, my life is lived in darkness, Db2 I know I need You now, I'm reaching for Your hand. Ab Ab2/C Fm7 Without Your mercy, Lord, there'd be no second chances, Db2 But You reach for Your child and lift me up again. [to Bridge] Mid section: Eb Db Let me sing again, Ab/C Eb Db I will sing again, I will sing again. [to Chorus]