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All The Heavens Chords

Reuben Morgan

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

{Verse} C G/B F/A C/G C/G Holy, holy are You, Lord, F C/E Dm7 G/B The whole earth is filled with Your glo - ry C G/B F/A C/G Let the nations rise to give F C/G Esus4 E Honour and praise to Your name Am D/F# G G/F C/E Let Your face shine on us C C/E F C/E Dm7 Gsus4 G And the world will know You live {Chorus} C Am F All the heavens shout Your praise Dm7 G Beautiful is our God Em Am The universe will sing   G F Am/G G F/A G/B F/C C F Gsus4 G 1. Halle--lujah to You, our King [Repeat Verse; Chorus] G F Am/G G C 2. Halle--lujah to You, our King