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All The Kings Will Bow Chords

David Gate | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
                  G     Am7   G/B
All the kings will bow
And fall down at Your feet
The people of the earth
     D/F#           G
Will lay down their crowns
    A7sus4     C2
And lift up Your name

     Am7    G/B    C2       D
With angels and archangels singing
         Am7      G/B      C2    D
With the voice of heaven's choir bringing
Am7      G/B       C2      D       Am7    G/B
Songs of love that rise up to Your throne

C2    D       G
  You are who was and is
And is to come
Em7               C2
Jesus, Son of God    (repeat)

Verse 2:
We shall come and praise
And fall down at Your feet
In the presence of the Holy One
We'll fall onto our knees