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All Things Rise Chords

Vineyard Worship | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

 G                       C    G
God, how beautiful Your Holy Word
       C          G               D
That formed the worlds in such goodness
G                         C        G
O, the shame that we would spurn it all
    C        G         D   G
To turn and fall into darkness

 G                                C        G
God, we’ll sing how through Your Son You turned
      C        G          D
This loss and hurt into glory
 G                              C        G
How when scorned in death You raised Him up
      C       G                     D   G
His gain’s become the whole world’s story

                Em       C           G
Let all things rise and bless Your name
                 Em        C    D
All things made right and new again
O Lord our God, Your goodness
     C           G
Is free and boundless
      C        G       D        G
Is reaching endless through it all

Em   C   G/B   Am   G

    G                         C      G
And on this road with every step we take
        C   G               D
Your faithfulness is our portion
   G                      C        G
You’ve prepared a city bright and fair
        C      G         D    G
Whose gates forever stay o - pen

G                        Em G/B
Son of God, in You we’ve taken up
    C      G          D
The way of love’s occupation
G/B                    C      D
O, the joy to share in Your reward
    Em       G/B          D/A     G
The stunning turn of new crea - tion

Just as You promised, God, Your Son was
C      G
Raised up
In Him, we’ll follow, in Him we’ll all be
C     G
Raised up

               Em       C      G
O Lord, you’ve made yourself a home
           Em       C    D
Heaven and earth forever one
All things once sown in weakness
    C        G
You raise in promise
     C      G      D        G
Your beauty arches above it all