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Amazing God Chords

Brenton Brown

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: G D/G We can hear it growing louder; C/G Songs from every nation rising to Your throne. G D/G Saints in every generation C/G Singing for Your glory, telling what You've done. Bridge: D C From the north and south, we are crying out: D C There is hope in Jesus' name. Chorus: G C2 'Cause You're amazing God, You're amazing God. Em Dsus2 C2 You can bear the weight of every heavy heart. G C2 You can heal the pain, You can clean the stain. Em Dsus2 C2 You can turn our tears into songs of praise. G You're amazing God. Verse 2: Beauty rises from the ashes, Sorrow turns to gladness When our God is near. You speak light into our darkness, You heal the broken-hearted, You wipe away our tears. Mid section: G G C C Em D C C G Songs of praise surround us, C Songs of praise surround us. Em Hear it growing louder, D C2 We are growing louder. [Last time:] C Em D C We are growing loud - er.