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Angels gather to Your throne Chords

Paul Oakley | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
Em7       D/F#             G
   Angels gather to Your throne
        C                    G
Living creatures join their song
          D           C
Singing 'holy is the Lord'
Em7         D/F#           G
   Elders tremble as they bow
          C                 G
Casting down their golden crowns
         D          Em7
Crying 'holy is the Lord'

G                  D
  Holy are You Lord  God
Em7               C
   You are majesty, full of mystery
G               D
  Beautiful and wise
Em7                C                           D
   You are holiness, You are nothing less than God
   Am7   D       C
Almighty,  all glorious

Verse 2:
Worthy, worthy is the Lamb
Seated now at God's right hand
Who for sinners once was slain
Now from every tribe and tongue
Countless multitudes will come
Giving glory thanks and praise

     Em7     D/F#      G      C
All glorious,    all glorious  (repeat)

D                         C
 There is no one like You,  O God
D                         C
 Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess  (repeat)