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Apostles' Creed Chords

YWAM Kona Music | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 76

C   Gm7   F   C
C   Gm7   F   C

{Verse 1}
      C    Gm7          
We believe    in God, the Father
   F                            C 
Creator of the heavens and the earth
     C        Gm7
We believe in Jesus, Your own Son, 
    F                                 C            G/B
Who came here by the Spirit through a virgin birth
      Am7                           Em7
Jesus suffered and He died, He went down into the grave
           F                          Fm 
But on the third day, He came back to life

{Chorus }
      C       Gm7       Fmaj7     C     
We believe in You, we believe in You
      C       Gm7       Fmaj7     C     
We believe in You, we believe in You

{Verse 2}
      C    Gm7          
We believe in Your precious Spirit
      F                       C 
Third person in the Holy Trinity
      C         Gm7
We believe that Jesus went to Heaven
    F                            C     G/B
And in Him is all power and authority
            Am7                          Em7
And He will come back again to judge the living and the dead
      F                                 Fm 
Resurrection life, it's all been Heaven-sent

Repeat Chorus:

            Am                   F
You make us holy, cause You are holy
           C                            G
Forgiving sinners, that's just what You do [Repeat]

Repeat Chorus: [x2]


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