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Arms Of Grace Chords

Beth Croft

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 154

Verse 1: A E/G# How many times have You found me wandering F#m E In the rubble of yesterday's hope? A E/G# Weighed down with burdens, barely standing but F#m E/G# I am desparate to see You again, A To see You again. [to Chorus] Chorus: F#m D A E/G# I'm running into Your arms of grace F#m D A E/G# With no reason to hide away. F#m D A It's not the first time I've been in this place. [1.] E A/C# D I'm coming home again, A/C# D F#m D A E F#m D A E I'm welcomed home again. [to Verse 2] [2.] E A/C# D I'm coming home again, A/E D/F# I'm welcomed home again. [to Mid section] [3.] E A/C# D I'm coming home again, A/C# D I'm welcomed home again. Verse 2: A E/G# How great the cost that paid my journey back; F#m E You gave Your only Son and carried me home. A E/G# I am chosen. How else could I respond? F#m E/G# I've been captured by Your unfailing love, A Your unfailing love. [to Chorus] Mid section: D A E For Your arms are open wide; D Grace takes me back again, A E You always take me back. D A E There's mercy in Your eyes. A/C# D Thank You, Lord, for loving me, A E There's nothing like Your love. [Repeat section, then to Chorus]