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Bliss Chords

Stuart Garrard, Martin Smith | average from reviews

Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
I feel lonely when it's You I miss,
I feel crazy when I dream like this;
I've travelled all this way for just one kiss.
Is it bliss?  Is it bliss?  Yes it is.
F#m7                      A
      Rock 'n' roll is everything,
D                     G
      Everything to a lonely man,
     F#m7        E        A
And never will I bow to you.

 F#m            Bm/F#               B/F#
I, I,         I'm not backing down.
 F#m            Bm/F#               B/F#
I, I,         I'm not backing down.

Verse 2:
Take me to the place where eagles fly,
Where my love for You I never can deny.
F#m7                         A
      If I'm right, then You are wrong.
D                         G
      If I'm wrong then I really lived.
F#m7                       E
      And if I die with no reward
Then I know I had peace 'cause I carried the sword.

Then: Chorus X2

Mid section:
A                        B
      It's the simple things that satisfy,
A                            B
      Keep my feet on the ground and my head in the sky.
F#m                E/G#
      I love You more than I can say,
A                             B
      And I won't change my mind on the choices I made.

  N.C.   N.C.   N.C.   N.C.  

Then: Chorus X2