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Break our hearts Lord (Beyond us) Chords

Johnny Parks | average from reviews

Original Key: G

Tempo: 0

Verse 1:
G   Em7          A7sus4
       Break our hearts Lord
G   Em7                 A7sus4
       With what breaks Yours
G   Em7        A7sus4
       Help us use our hands
G   Em7        A7sus4
       In this broken world

C2            A7sus4

          G                 D
More than seeing, more than thinking
          Em7                C2
More than praying, more than talking
          G                D
More than doing, more than giving
          Em7                C2
More than working, more than living

Verse 2:
You love all people Lord
You love this world
So will You help us Lord
To love like You do

            G                 D
We need You Lord, we need You Lord
You are good, You are just, will You move beyond us
We need You Lord        (repeat)