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Breaking Out Chords

Stuart Townend

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Original Key: F

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: F7 Bb/Eb Cm Bb/Eb Our God is strong and mighty, F7 Bb/Eb Cm Bb/Eb He's lifting up a shout. F7 Bb/Eb Cm Bb/Eb It's rolling down like thunder: F7 Bb/Eb Cm Bb/Eb Fm7 Can you feel it shake the ground? Bb7 F7 And every stronghold trembles Bb C As we hear the Lion roar! Chorus: He's breaking out. F7 Bb/Eb Cm Bb/Eb (The Lord our God is breaking out.) F7 Bb/Eb Cm Bb/Eb The Lord our God is breaking out. F7 Bb/Eb Cm (The Lord our God.) Bb/Eb F7 Bb/Eb C7 F7 He's breaking out! Verse 2: He's rising in this nation, He's coming into view; Go tell it in the city What Jesus' power can do. We're losing our religion - He's even greater than we thought! Mid section: Dm Bb F O God of mercy, God of love, C/E Come show us the glory of Your name. Dm Bb F We're touched by the passion of Your heart, C/E Bb And nothing will ever be the same, C Bb/D Nothing will ever be the same, C/E Eb2 Bb2/D Don't let me ever be the same. Verse 3: Come do a work within me, Let me see You as You are; And make the cause of heaven The obsession of my heart, Till every tribe and nation Bows in worship to the King.