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Breathe Chords

Andy Smith

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: D Before creation's time Majestically You reign, A7sus4 You patent Your design On all that You have made. Bm G D A7sus4 Creator God, breathe life in us. Verse 2: We took eternal life And traded it for dust, Your perfect sacrifice Has bought it back for us; You hold salvation in Your hands. Chorus: D A You turned my ashes into beauty, G Turned my sorrow into joy. D A7sus4 Breathe life, breathe life. D A You take these dry bones, make them stand, G Put a promise in my hand. D A7sus4 D Breathe life, breathe life. [to end] Verse 3: The idols of this world Will fade to shades of grey, When marked against the One Who is the only way, Bright shining sun that lights my path. Mid section: Em7 G2 A7sus4 Wonderful, marvellous, You make all things new. Em7 G2 A7sus4 I was dead, now I'm alive all because of You. Em7 G A7sus4 G A7sus4 So I will go and tell the world how great You are.