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Brother (TobyMac version) Chords

Seth & Nirva Ft. TobyMac | average from reviews

Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

D      Em                     Bm     G
When I     look into the face     of   my enemy
         D     Em              Bm     G
I see my     brother, I see my      brother [Repeat]

D     Em     Bm    G

Repeat Verse x2

   Em              Em7            F#m    F#m7
Forgiveness is the garment of our courage
    Em                Em7              F#m
The pow'r to make the peace we long to know
A           Em7                         Bm          A/C#   A
Open up our eyes to see the wounds that bind all of humankind
                  Em7                    Bm            A/C#    A
May our shutter hearts greet the dawn of life with charity and love

Repeat Verse x4

Rap section:
D      Em     Bm     G
Riff 6 times under Rap

As I travel through this world it's gettin clearer to me
Some of the things I believed, I'm casting out to the seas

And as I'm waving my goodbyes to the lies I was taught
Gotta searchlight my soul, cuz some of them I bought into

They grip, like shadows in my mind
Unknowingly they shapin' how I'm viewing humankind

Reaching past the differences, the colours we were suited in
The places we were born, and the cultures we were rooted in

Children of God, ain't that all of us
How we gonna hate when compassion's what called to us

Love, O love, you got me covered
I'm lettin' go of enemies and holdin' on to brothers