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Build This House Chords

Lou Fellingham

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: Bm7 G2 All I have and all I am is Yours; Bm7 A/C# D There's nothing that I have on earth Em7 G That doesn't come from You. Bm7 G2 I lay aside my pride and worldly worth; Bm7 A/C# D To serve You is the greatest thing Em7 G That I could ever do. Chorus: D For unless You build this house, Em7 I am building it in vain. A/C# Unless the work is Yours, Dsus4 D There is nothing to be gained. A/C# Bm7 B/D# I want something that will stand Em7 G/D When Your holy fire comes; A/C# Something that will last, Dsus4 D And to hear You say 'well done', A/C# Bm G Giving glory to You, Lord, Em7 G2 A2 D Glory to You, Lord. Verse 2: So easy to desire what others have, Instead of seeing all the gifts That You have given me. So help me fan the flame which You began, And burn in me a love for You That all will clearly see.