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By The Grace Of God Chords

Gas Street Music

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Original Key: E

Tempo: 74

E   A   E   A

{Verse 1}
  E       B/D#    A   E   
I rest my soul on Je-sus, 
C#m      E/B   B   A
when the mountains shake
  E      B/D#     A   E  
I put my trust in Je-sus, 
     A      B   E
the moment I awake

{Verse 2}
E       B/D#     A      E    
When my soul is lost at sea, 
C#m     E/B   B   A
He will be    my rock
   E      B/D#   A       E   
My vision be in Christ alone, 
       A       B     E
this grace is all we've got

    A                       E 
His love is like the mighty ocean
    A                  Bsus4    B
His love for me will never stop
E/G#    C#m7                      E/G#   A
Oh, His arms are strong enough to carry me
           A          Bsus4    E
Through it all by the grace of God

{Verse 3}
   E      B/D#    A    E   
So high upon His shoulders, 
 C#m     E/B     B    A
safely brought this far
E      B/D#   A        E   
Helper of my helpless soul, 
     A      B      E
the King of broken hearts

Repeat Chorus:

{Verse 4}
     E            B/D#       A           E   
When breath grows still, and night draws near,
    C#m      E/B   B   A
 I will not be    a-fraid
      E        B/D#     A       E  
For I know the plans He has for me 
       A     B   E
don't finish at  my grave [Repeat]

Repeat Chorus:

A              B             C#m        E/G# 
   You are the passion of my life, Lord Jesus
A              B              C#m    E/G# 
   You are the song within my soul
   A            B        C#m    E/G#   A          B
My strength, my hope my, all in all is You, Jesus You [Repeat]

Repeat Chorus: [x2]

Through it all by the grace of God
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