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By Your Side Chords

Noel Richards, Tricia Richards | average from reviews

Original Key: Bb

Tempo: 0

Bbmaj7   Cm7   F/A         Bb
By Your side       I would stay;
Bbmaj7   Cm7   F/A         Bb
In Your arms       I would lay.
Bb/D   Eb   Bb/D   Cm7   Bb  F
Jesus, lo - ver  of      my soul,
Bb/D     Eb   Bb/D   Cm7    Bb    F
Nothing from  You     I     withhold.

Eb                Bb/D
  Lord, I love You,   and adore You;
Cm7         F/A   Bb
  What more can I say?
Eb                  Bb/D
  You cause my love    to grow stronger
Cm7          Fsus4    F   Bb    Cm7   Bb/D
  With every pass  - ing day.