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Celebrate The Beauty Chords

Chris McClarney

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Original Key: A

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: A D2/F# I will celebrate the beauty of Your love, A D2/F# I will live to tell the story of the cross, F#m7 E D2/F# A I will testify of all that You have done; Jesus. Verse 2: A D2 You are Father and defender of the weak, A D2 You're my refuge and my hope in time of need, F#m7 E D2 A Dsus2 in Your presence I'm accepted and I'm clean; Jesus. Chorus: A E Oh, thank You, ever I will thank You, F#m7 You took away my shame, D Forever I am changed by Your love. A E Thank You, Jesus I adore You, F#m7 I will never be the same, D A D A D All glory to Your name; Jesus. [1.,3.] Verse 3: A D2 I will sing my song to praise Your majesty, A D2 I will worship You for all eternity; F#m7 E D2 A Dsus2 I will lift Your name for all the world to see: Jesus. Mid section: C#m F#m D2 A E/G# And when I think about the price You paid, thank You; C#m F#m D2 A E/G# I see the cross, I see the empty grave, and I thank You. F#m D2 A E/G# And when I think about the price You paid, I thank You: C#m F#m D Oh, I see the cross I see the empty grave A Esus4 F#sus4 D You've won the day.