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Celtic Christmas Blessing Chords

Keith Getty / Kristyn Getty

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 100

Verse 1: Em/D D Now may the fragrance of His peace Em/D D Soar through your heart like a dove released: Em/D Bm G Hide in His wings, oh weary, distant soul, D/F# Em Asus4 A D He'll guide your spi - rit home. Verse 2: And may His love poured from on high Flow to the depths of your deepest sigh; Oh, come and drink from the only living Stream And on His shoulder lean. Verse 3: And may the hope that will not deceive Through every pain bring eternal ease; There is no night that can steal the promises His coming brings to us. Verse 4: So may His joy rush over you; Delight in the path He has called you to; May all your steps walk in heaven's endless light, *Beyond this Christmas night. *Alternative last line: Make your sole purpose Christ.


Bible References

  • - Psalms 17:8
  • - Psalms 119:35
  • - Song of Solomon 1:3
  • - John 4:14
  • - Acts 2:33
  • - Romans 5:5

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