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Bright City

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 68

{Intro} D Em G Bm G {Verse 1} D Em G You are The One who called for the dead man to rise Bm G You mixed the dirt and opened the eyes of the blind D Em G Reached for the woman and lifted her out of the dust Bm G You came from Heaven to show us the wonder of love {Pre-Chorus 1} D Here in Your power Bm A Daring to dream G Give us the faith Bm A The faith to believe {Chorus} D We can see a change coming A Our God is here to save Bm We can see a change coming G The streets are filled with praise D We can see a change coming A The church will take her place Bm We can see a change coming G Revival’s on its way {Interlude} D Em G Bm G {Verse 2} D Em G You are the voice that steadies the storm and the sea Bm G You are The King who kneels down and washes our feet D Em G Demons will flee when You speak to the dead of the night Bm G Jesus The Name that conquers the darkness with light {Pre-Chorus 2} D Show us Your power Bm A We’re ready to dream G People of faith Bm A It’s time to believe [Repeat Chorus] {Bridge} Em Bm A Open up our hearts, O God Em Bm A Holy fire fall on us Em Bm A Let us be Your arms of love G We can see a change coming D/F# We can see our King is coming Bm We believe a change is coming G D Lift up a shout of praise
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