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Cherry Blossoms Chords

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 67


{Verse 1}
Well I feel a warm wind blowin'
                         F        C
Meltin' all the sadness    off of my soul
And I smell the sweet cherry blossoms
                           D           C
Pourin' all their gladness    into my soul

   G            Am           C             G
In winter, I believe You; in springtime, I see You
     G/B           C                     G
It's so good to be with You, my hope has come
      G             Am               C          G
Lord, You make all things new, Your love is my breakthrough
         G/B          C                   G    Gsus4
1.   Now I sing 'Hallelujah, my hope has come' [to Link: v.2]
         G/B          C                   G    
2.3. Now I sing 'Hallelujah, my hope has come' [to Bridge]

G   Gsus4   G   Gsus4   
G   Gsus4   G   Gsus4   

{Verse 2}
Now I walk through the valley of the shadow
                            F         C
And I have been tested like   silver and gold
Lord, Your faith has taught me to cherish
                           D            C
That this light affliction   is not my home

Repeat Chorus:

    C             G               Am           G/B
Now I'm not gonna give in to this   mortal frustration
    C             G              Am           G/B
And I'm not gonna give death any    standing ovation
   C           G/B             Am        G/B
I will lift my soul, God, with    no hesitation
         C             G/B         Am           
'Cause between You and me there is    no separation

C   G   D   C   G   D   G/B
C   G   D   C   G   D

Repeat Chorus:
    G/B          C                  G 
Now I sing 'Hallelujah, my hope has come' 
    G/B          Am
Now I sing 'Hallelujah, my hope has come' 

G   Gsus4   G   Gsus4   G   Gsus4   G   
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