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Come All You Saints Chords

LIFE Worship

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Original Key: G

Tempo: 144

D  Em  C  G  D  Em  C

Verse 1:
           G                    Am    Em
We come together now to bring a sacrifice, an offering
            G                       Am     Em
of praises to the One who reigns forever.

Verse 2:
              G                            Am      Em
So, here and now, with grateful hearts, we sing to him who rescued us;
        G                        Am            Em
Every heart and every life will praise Him.

        G                                  Am
            Come all you saints, lift Him higher,
        Em                        C
            Our God is here, our God is Greater.
        G                                  Am
            Come all you saints, lift His name up
        Em         C      G  Am  Em
        Higher, higher.        [to v.1]
        Em         C
        Higher, higher.        [Ch. repeat]
        Em         C
        Higher, higher.        [to Bridge]

Bridge :
            D              Em        C
    As we praise, light invades the darkest night;
 G          D                Em       C
Faith will rise, hope will flood our hearts.
            D            Em      C
    As we praise, every chain of fear will break;
  G      D                 Em     C         G  Am  Em  G  Am  Em
Freedom reigns as You are lifted high.  [1.]                  [to Chorus]