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Come As You Are Chords

Tre Sheppard / Tori Sheppard / Kathryn Scott

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Original Key: D

Tempo: 0

Intro: D G D G Verse 1: D A All of your questions and all that you hide, Bm7 G And all that is certain's that you're hollow inside. D A When all of your hopes and your plans fall apart, Bm7 G And none of it even makes sense in your heart. Chorus: D A Come, come as you are Bm G With everything broken, all that's not spoken. D A Come, come as you are Bm G Even if it's all over, I've got ev'rything covered: [Last time - end] D G Come as you are, D G Come as you are. [2nd time:] D G You can come as you are, D G Come as you are. Verse 2: All of your heartache and all of your pain, All of the wounds, the tears and the stains. Come with your sorrows, your guilt and your shame. Come when you've got only you left to blame. Mid section: A Bm G There's a place - here on my shoulder A Bm G Where you can rest 'til you're not afraid. A Bm G Time can wait - just for a moment A Bm G And I will keep you safe.


Bible References

  • - Isaiah 7:1
  • - Matthew 11:28

2007 Thankyou Music / Vertical Worship Songs / Sovereign Music