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Come As You Are Chords

David Leonard

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 170

{Intro} Fmaj7 C Am Cmaj7/G F6 C Am Cmaj7/G {Verse 1} F C Bring every doubt and fear Am Cmaj7/G Bring all the shame you hide F 'Cause I have been waiting C Am Cmaj7/G Longing to take it, and break ev'ry lie {Verse 2} F C Even the darkest nights Am Cmaj7/G Even when hope seems gone F No matter the distance C Am Cmaj7/G You need to know this, that I won't let you go {Chorus} F C Come as you are Am Cmaj7/G Come as you are to me F C You're never too far Am Cmaj7/G You're never too far away [2.4. Repeat] F C Come as you are (De de de de de nee Am Cmaj7/G de de de de de nee) [1. to v.3 to Chorus] {Verse 3} F C You can find rest in me Am Cmaj7/G You can find hope and peace F It's something to cling to C Am Cmaj7/G Daily it meets you, and it starts here today [Repeat Chorus] F C Am Cmaj7/G (De de de de de nee de de de de de nee) {Bridge} F C Am7 New mercies awaken the heart Cmaj7/G F C Am7 Awaken the spirit, awaken the soul from death [Repeat] {Tag} Cmaj7/G F C Am7 Come as you are Cmaj7/G F C Am7 Cmaj7/G C5 Come as you are
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Bible References

  • - Hosea 3:5
  • - 1 Peter 2:4
  • - Matthew 11:29

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