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Come let us enter Chords

Lou Fellingham

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Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

Verse 1: C(no3rd) Come, let us enter in now, Gsus4 Fsus2 Come let us bring before our God an offering. C(no3rd) Wherever your life is at now, Gsus4 Fsus2 F Humble yourself before the Lord and honour Him. [3rd time to Chorus] Bridge: Dm Oh, our hearts respond now, F Oh, in faith we come now, Dm F G Oh, we lift our hearts in worship to our King. Chorus: C You're the Lord eternal, great I Am, And You're reigning with Your mighty hand; G F C G F Watching over all, sustaining all so generously. C So our song will rise with thanks and praise, For Your awesome power, outrageous grace; G F C G F C(no3rd) Our Provider, Master, Healer, Lord of everything. Verse 2: We will declare You're faithful, We will rejoice that we are saved and known by name, We will believe Your promise, With full assurance we draw near, no guilt or shame. Verse 3: Come and find rest and shelter, There is protection for the one, who trusts in Him. Bow down in sweet surrender, Call on His name, declare Him Lord and you'll be saved.


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