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Come Let Us Worship Chords

Nathan Fellingham | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 0

C            F/C   C     G       C
Come, let us worship the King of kings,
       F  C  G      Am7
the Creator  of all things.
         F      G      Am7
Let your soul arise to Him,
         F     C/E    G    C
come and bless the   Lord our King.
C        F/C    C   G       C
Lord, my heart  and voice I raise,
   F      C    G        Am7
to praise Your wondrous ways,
         F    G       Am7
and with confidence I come
     F      C/E    G       C
to approach Your   heavenly throne.

         F                          C/E
Come and fill this place with Your glory,
         F               G
come and captivate our gaze,
C/E      F                  Am7
come and fill us with Your fire
         Dm7                  Gsus4   G
that the world might know Your name

            C   C/E
For You are God,
           F                G
and You're worthy to be praised,
            C   C/E
and You are good,
         F                G
for Your love will never end:
            Am    Em/G
the great I Am,
        Dm7                     Gsus4  G   C
You are faithful in all of Your ways.