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Here Be Lions | average from reviews

Original Key: C

Tempo: 74


          C                       Gsus4 
This one thing that I crave, only this, all my days
         Dm7                                F
Just to stay here in Your presence, just to worship You forever

{Verse 1}
Am        G    C/E   F                   C/E   C    
There's a fire in my bones, it burns for You alone
  Am     G      C/E      F            C/E      C    
A hunger that I can't control, it overtakes my soul

C/E   G         Am   Dm   C      Gsus4
 My  heart and flesh cry out for You

Repeat Chorus: [x2]

{Link x4}
Dm7   Fmaj7   Am   G 

                Dm7    Fmaj7
'Til all that I see is You
                Am          G
'Til all that I breathe is You
                Dm7    Fmaj7
'Til all that I need is You
         Am              G
Pull me closer, take me deeper [Repeat x4]

Repeat Chorus: [x2]
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